Association of Protel EDA Users

A Virtual User Group
The Association... is a loosely organized group of people that use Protel EDA software. Several years ago, The Association of Protel EDA Users become virtual, meaning that the group no longer meets in person.  This has freed the group to grow beyond the geographic limits imposed by travel.  This evolution also reduced the investment of time and money required to maintain the group both for the organizers and the participants.

The group is sponsored and run by TechServ. It provides a forum for users of Protel Electronic Design Automation software. This group exists only as electrons flowing across the Internet. This seems quite appropriate for people devoted to the design of electronics!

The group functions in two modes:

  1. Use of this web page to learn and inform others.
  2. Use of the email forums for immediate two way communication

For new members, this web site serves as a starting point to join forums.  It also provides advertising for Protel related products, services, and employment. And soon to come (I hope), one stop shopping for bug reports and feature requests.

Spam Free
Registration and subscription information that you provide is held in strict confidence.  Your email address or other information will not be sold or given to other companies for any reason.  Likewise, spam is not permitted in any user group forum.  Only subscribed members are able to post messages on the forums.  Any violator will be immediately and permanently removed from the list.

Purpose of the Group
The primary objectives are as follows:
  • Facilitate open communications between users.
  • Disseminate information which will enhance the users experience and productivity when using Protel EDA software.
  • Promote built-in enhancements to the software.
  • Promote 3rd party enhancements and solutions.

Help Wanted
Volunteers are greatly needed to enhance and maintain these web pages.  Previous HTML experience is not necessary.  Contact if you or someone you know can contribute your time or experience.

Dues and Fees
There are NO dues or membership fees at this time. We will try to maintain FREE membership as long as it is financially feasible for us (TechServ) to do so.  We believe mandatory fees or dues would be a detriment to the growth of the group, and in the long run would do more harm than good.  We are happy to accept donations for the maintenance costs of the group.  Contact for details about how to make a donation. Any amount is appreciated.

The group is operated with as few rules as possible. Those that do exist are restricted to the mail forums and are there to enhance the experience of the participants. You will find those rules detailed on the Email Forums web page.


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